Who are we?

Our Goals

Our project is to prepare a Master Plan for the regeneration of the vegetation on The Spit (Gold Coast, Australia) and create public access for passive recreation, to ensure present and future generations of the community have access to enjoy, appreciate and care for The Spit.

Our objective is to maintain Federation Walk Coastal Reserve as a natural Public Open Space for the benefit of the Community.

To protect the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve for future generations while encouraging community ownership.

To conserve and enhance the area’s environmental and conservation values in a sustainable manner.

To provide accessibility and facilities for diverse, low key, low impact environmental and cultural education and recreation.

Federation Walk Coastal Reserve is a restoration and low impact conservation project, designed to allow the community to experience the area’s particular ecological processes, whilst providing minimal disruption to the environment.

The management plan seeks to facilitate a sustainable balance between a broad range of interests for the uses and development of The Spit. Specifically the plan will maintain and preserve Federation Walk Coastal Reserve as a natural place, without compromise, to inappropriate development based on economic or financial interests.


Management plan


This work has been a collaborative work between many people, who with their determination, dedication and fighting spirit have achieved so much in the short time of three years to make this happen.

Lyn Wright from the Main Beach Progress Association has galvanized the many participants to see that the Spit remains in public custodianship and free from further alienation of public open space; public land that is development free.

Gecko Regen under the guidance of Tom Caamano for his assisting with the submission and supported by Travis Beswick and Christel Bryceson for their valuable contribution and expertise in vegetation and regeneration management.

The Department of Natural Resources Manager, Land Management and Use, Tony Cornelius for his support and especially the contribution and guidance provided by the Department’s Senior Land Officer Terrence Fox, who kept us focussed on our objectives and outcomes.

The Gold Coast City Council’s support from the Beaches and Waterways Manager Bob Cunningham, John McGrath, Libby Boak and Greg Stuart for their dedication in making the Federation Walk a reality.

Work for the Dole supervisor Jody Clifford who has kept the project alive, along with the band of faithful volunteers on community planting days. Together we made it happen


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