As you know ‘Federation Walk’ is a project started in 1999 to create a Management Plan to be incorporated into Council Planning documents for what was at the time…..the land on the eastern side of Seaworld Drive.

Well we did put a Management Plan together BUT, although it is referenced by Council Officers since then it has never been approved or adopted by Council. In the years since 1999 we as a community group have stymied every push made to develop the site. As well as 15 or more fires!

We have some exciting news to share and that is that the park will now be under the management of the City’s Natural Areas Management Unit (NAMU). We as a Committee felt, that Federation Walk now has the qualities as an area for Conservation as designated in the City Plan and as such should enjoy the same status and support as all other conservation areas of the Gold Coast.

On July 1st the transfer was completed and we are now also listed as a partner bushcare group under the Beaches to Bushland Program and the Federation Walk Management Plan is being upgraded. Federation Walk Coastal Reserve will also enjoy the activities of the Naturally GC Program and we as volunteers feel proud that we have assisted in the continuing progress and future of ‘Federation Walk’.

A NAMU officer will coordinate and be present at the planting days which will be now be on a Saturday from 8am to 10am with next plantings to be in September and November and breaking over Summer. Further details about these days will be promoted shortly.

NOTE……there will not be a planting date in August

We will still be involved and send out Notices as always, supporting the planting days including the sausage sizzle by Stan and Hazel.

Thanks to you and wonderful community support we really can say ’A JOB WELL DONE’ as Federation Walk is now preserved in The Spit Master plan as an area to enjoy nature, environment and lots more!

On September 28th 2019 we will be working in with Gold Coast Waterways Authority’s initiative…..