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Friends of Federation Walk regularly host school dune planting activities in partnership with Griffith Centre for Coastal Management’s BeachCare and CoastEd Programs. Planting activities and educational sessions relating to coastal management and the protection of the coastal environment can be undertaken at Federation Walk. Activities can be organised for both primary and secondary school students as well as for youth and volunteer groups. Activities can also be aligned with current school curriculum and field activities.

This partnership provides an opportunity for students to be actively engaged in protecting their local environment aiming to leave them with a sense of ownership and awareness.

For further information regarding the schools program please and follow the CoastEd or BeachCare links.

You can also contact Griffith Centre for Coastal Management on
(07) 5552 8506

Pacific Pines State School students

Photo: Pacific Pines State School students participate in a dune planting activity at Federation Walk.


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