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What Can You Do.... added Tue, Apr 14th, 15

This image is a great example of just what YOU can do.....these plants were all planted by volunteers. It even looks better NOW just visit and you will see.

Lyn Wright

Publication 2.jpg

May Planting Activity added Sat, May 17th, 14


We have just been awarded a Litter Prevention Commendation by Keep Queensland Beautiful - Clean Beaches.

Way to go! Friends of Federation Walk Secretary Geoff Scott, with Jann Stuckey MP, Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and Commonwealth Games after the presentation of our Commendation Certificate.

Why not come along and be part of our next Community Planting Day Sunday May 25 8.00am – 10.30 am,
Wear sun protective clothes, sturdy shoes and a hat, social chit chat and sausage sizzle to follow!!

Lyn Wright
Friends of Federation Walk
0400 740 972
Laura Richards
Foreshore Reserves Technical Officer
Engineering Services Assets Branch
City of Gold Coast
T: 5667 3615 M: 0439 226 062


Asf Proposal For The Broadwater Marine Project added Sun, Apr 13th, 14

We have released this Statement in relation to community benefits included as part of the ASF proposal in relation to the Broadwater Marine Project.

There have been concerns on the intrusion into the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve in this proposal.

Lyn Wright

Statement from Friends of Federation Walk.pdf

Bird Walk New Date added Fri, Mar 28th, 14

Although it was wonderful to have the rain, it was too wet for our long awaited Bird Walk, we have rescheduled to Friday 4th April at 7am!!

Bird Walk change of date.pdf

2014 Summer Flyer added Sat, Mar 8th, 14

Friends Of Federation Walk Now A Member Of Wildlife Tourism Australia. added Mon, Feb 10th, 14

This MEMBERSHIP has taken years to get to this stage of acceptance, but through the myriad of programs and volunteers that have worked their hearts out planting, mulching and watering after all those fires, WE DID IT!!

Through this membership Federation Walk is now seen as a site for tourism, particularly birds, with wonderful support from Gondwana Guides and Birds Qld after their viewing the website Birds of Federation Walk.

A great accolade for a Not for Profit volunteer community association who have worked together for the benefit of the Community.

Barry Davies from Gondwana Guides has offered to take Bird Tours at Federation Walk.

Lyn Wright for the Community of Friends of Federation Walk.

Annual General Meeting 2014 Notice added Sat, Feb 8th, 14

Maybe you would like to become more involved and join our new committee for the coming year. We have lots of exciting and important projects planned ahead and would appreciate your involvement to maintain the GREEN BESIDE THE GOLD.


Susan Wright

2014_02_25 AGM Notice.pdf

Fed Walk Flyer Winter 2013 added Wed, Aug 21st, 13

What a wonderful world we live in and Federation Walk makes the world a better place.

Appreciate all that is part of The Spit through our FED FLYER, to keep YOU up to date on this wonderful part of the world

AND it is there because of the thousands that have helped MADE IT HAPPEN.

Cheers Lyn,
for the community of Federation Walk.

Fed Flyer winter 2013.pdf

Federation Walk Gold Coast Bird Images added Fri, May 24th, 13

Hello from Friends of Federation Walk,

Most of us never see the close up beauty of birds or capture a vision the same as Peter has done.

Federation Walk is the beneficiary of the work of thousands to repair and restore this Reserve to be part of the wonderful world of Birds.

Please enjoy these brilliant images captured by Peter Scholer by following the link.


Here is my Bird image link for Federation Walk.
Federation Walk Gold Coast Bird Images
I will be constantly updating as more images come in.
Hope you enjoy.

Kind regards,
Peter Scholer

Newsletter Summer Flyer added Wed, Mar 13th, 13


We hope you enjoy our latest Summer Flyer, packed with Wild Wetlands of Federation Walk and Federation Walk is not so lonely!


Fed Flyer summer 2013.pdf

Annual General Meeting 2013 Notice added Wed, Feb 13th, 13


Join up and join our Committee!!

Please read your invitation to Friends of Federation Walk, we would like you to join us to welcome in our new Committee but most of all, hear of the exciting year ahead for Friends of Federation Walk.

Susan Wright

AGM 2013 Notice.pdf

Welcome To Federation Walk In 2013! added Tue, Jan 15th, 13

This year will be our 14th year of maintaining Federation Walk, it has been a wonderful journey of fantastic VOLUNTEERS, magic moments and amazing achievements!

Please enjoy what we have done for you - the community.

Like us on facebook or join us to further enhance this peaceful natural public open space.

Lyn Wright
On behalf of the community of Friends of Federation Walk.


Laura Haywood, Federation Walk Ranger,
Gold Coast City Council.
(07) 5667 3615
M 0439 226 062

New!! Federation Walk Signage added Fri, Nov 30th, 12

We planned the signage to reflect the Gold Coast image of cutting edge design, vibrant colours with connection to the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve, encapsulating a modern vision for the future for the entire Reserve.

These signs are vital for the tourism element of Federation Walk to showcase the Coastal Reserve as a Significant Dunal area on the Gold Coast. Restoration of the Reserve is ongoing, after seven devastating fires swept through area since 2002 decimating a large proportion of the vegetation.

Planning in the near future will be an Educational Place, Outlook Place with studies into a wetland yet to be completed, a large project for the community but planning together with the Gold Coast City Council, Major Partners and Corporate support with the untold and the most valued Community Volunteers, will complete this part of our project.

Federation Walk - Signage Stage 1.pdf

2012 Celebration Event Invitation added Fri, Nov 16th, 12

We would love the COMMUNITY to see our new signage at Federation Walk The Spit, Stage 1.

We had them planned to reflect the Gold Coast image of cutting edge design, vibrant colours with connection to the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve, encapsulating a modern vision for the future for the entire Reserve.

Morning tea will be provided along with our traditional Sausage Sizzle.

Lyn Wright
0400 740 972

2012 Celebration invitation.pdf

Agm Postponed added Tue, Nov 13th, 12

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to postpone our Annual General Meeting.

We will advise you when we have rescheduled the meeting.

Kind Regards
Lyn Wright
For the Committee of Friends of Federation Walk Inc.
0400 740 972

October Planting Day 7am Sunday 28th! added Sat, Oct 20th, 12

Please make a contribution to this wonderful project, come along and help restore the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve.

Sunday 28th October starting from 7am as its now warmer to leave your bed!

Please wear covered shoes, long pants and sleeves, a hat, sunscreen and we will supply the rest which includes on completion, seasonal fruit, our World Famous Sausage Sizzle, tea and coffee facilities are available.

Lyn Wright
0400 740 972

Federation Walk Winter Newsletter!! added Mon, Oct 1st, 12

Enjoy our news, information and latest updates.

From the Community of Friends of Federation Walk

Fed Flyer winter 2012 2.pdf

National Tree Day 29th July 2012 added Tue, Jul 3rd, 12

Sunday, 29 July 2012 8:00am to 11:00am

Aims of the project: The Friends of Federation Walk welcome you to join in with our friendly group of volunteers who are working improve the coastal environment of The Spit for the enjoyment of the community.

Organisation: Friends of Federation Walk Inc.
Site Address: Seaworld Drive
Main Beach Qld 4217

Directions: Philip Park carpark, opposite the Seaworld entrance round-a-bout.

Suitable for Children: Yes
Accessible for disabled: No

Notes about the day for Volunteers:
Please wear appropriate clothing (hat, covered shoes, long sleeved shirt and long pants recommended), and bring along a water bottle.

The following will be provided: Gloves, Tools and equipment for planting, Drinking water, BBQ

Activities that will take place on the day:
Tree Planting

Bushfire repair
Coastal & beaches rehabilitation

Contact: Lyn Wright
Friends of Federation Walk
0400 740 972


Laura Hayward
Federation Walk Ranger
Engineering Services Directorate
Office Hours: 8am - 4pm, Tues - Wed - Thur

Gold Coast City Council
Ph: (07) 5667 3615 Mob: 0439 226 062 Fax: 5667 3776
PO Box 5042 Gold Coast Mail Centre Qld 9729


More News! added Fri, Jun 22nd, 12


We have just been notified Friends of Federation Walk (FoFW) have been accepted to have a Deductable Gift Recipient status. That means your donations to us can now be claimed as a Tax Deduction. With the many projects we have yet to start, we have made it easier for you to donate funds and get the project underway and there are many in the pipeline.

GCCC will be installing 3 of our Signage Suite in July and have a Wetland study in process and we have plans for:
• Bird hides
• A Learning Place/amphitheatre,
• Two Lookout Places both with 360% views,
• An Ocean Lookout at a halfway point,
• Completion of the Signage suite
• Interpretive signage
• A Resource Centre
• and many many more.

There is still a lot of weeding/revegetation to be done, so donations to assist with the funding allocated per annum to Federation Walk, from the State Government matched with funds from the Gold Coast City Council are very much appreciated.

This Month we are hosting 25-30 Bond Students, who are looking forward to getting involved, do hope they will be bright eyed and bushy tailed!!

Many Thanks

The Broadwater - A Recreational And Economic Jewel added Tue, May 29th, 12

This well documented article Birds of the Broadwater and The Spit highlights the value and importance of this natural occurrence and we would lament the loss of this most important element if nothing is done to highlight its value to this City’s natural assets. These Birds are part of tourism and are an education resource to showcase the diversity of benefits both the Broadwater and Federation Walk The Spit, gives to us all.

Of all the big ticket items thrown around in the last few weeks of electioneering, not one Candidate has discussed the economic value to tourism, not only for the huge international Bird tour market, but also for many of the tourism focused attributes that are available NOW!

Plans have been mashed, rehashed and rhetoric has been thrown around by so many for years, BUT the assets that are presently available have never been appreciated commercially and aesthetically.

In addition, Bird Tours, the Super Yacht market, Yachting Events, Diving in the Seaway, the Scottish Prince wreck, the Surfing industry, Federation Walk Coastal Reserve and the recreational and historical values of The Spit were never showcased as vital tourism markets during the State and Local Government elections. Tourists from a local, State and international perspective have been forgotten. Nothing has been forthcoming to expand these markets and to ensure that visitors to the area have suitable amenities.

A Ferry Service from the Broadwater Parklands to The Spit and a better co-ordination of Traffic lights are urgently needed to alleviate the continuous car- parks of traffic in Waterways Drive and Seaworld Drive. These changes should have been implemented many years ago. Tedder Avenue in Main Beach enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of al fresco dining and this will be severely damaged if the rat running continues.

Council allocated $300,000 in 2011 for the Ferry service, Tenders were called, but the process was aborted.

A traffic count was taken in 2007, beyond SeaWorld to calculate vehicles visiting the recreation areas of The Spit. The result was staggering. If there are 2.5 passengers in each vehicle 46,000 persons per week visit The Spit beyond Sea World. (Traffic count from Macarthur Parade to Sea World was not included in this study). Add all venues south of Sea World in present time and no wonder we have a traffic problem! A traffic Count should be done to update the popularity of The Spit in 2012.

This traffic count and resulting issues should make us all concerned that we have not done a good job for visitors/tourists who have boosted the economic value to The Spit. There is not a long term plan to solve the traffic disaster or ensure our tourists to The Spit are looked after and their visit is made more enjoyable, forget about the Locals, we have seen this happening for over 20 years but the powers that be, have done nothing!!

Lyn Wright
for the Committee and Friends of Federation Walk

Birds of Broadwater and Federation Walk.pdf

Newsletter Summer 2011 added Fri, Dec 30th, 11

Great news and info on the past year and dates for 2012.

May this be a great year for FEDERATION WALK.

Best Wishes
Committee of Friends of Friends of Federation Walk

Newsletter Summer edition 2011.pdf

Keep Australia Beautiful Planting Activity added Thu, Aug 18th, 11

Keep Federation Walk Beautiful by planting more trees!

Join us for another regular planting activity by the sea! Sunday 28th August. Meet at the carpark opposite the Sea World roundabout.

Activity followed by a lovely morning tea provided by the 'Friends of Federation Walk'.

Please remember to wear closed toe footwear, sun protective clothing, a hat and bring a water bottle

11 (1a) Preparing the Wetting Agents.jpg

Ranger's Report July 2011 added Wed, Aug 3rd, 11

Notice Of General Meeting added Thu, Apr 7th, 11

10am Tuesday 3rd May 2011

Southport Surf Life Saving Club,
Bathing Pavilion,
Macarthur Parade, Main Beach


As part of the application for Friends of Federation Walk
to become a Deductable Gift Recipient,
Members must adopt a new Constitution

Motion: That Members adopt the
Friends of Federation Walk Own Rules

Susan Wright

Own Rules Friends of Federation Walk 2011.pdf

Clean Up Australia Day At Federation Walk! added Sun, Feb 27th, 11

Federation Walk Coastal Reserve will again host a Clean Up activity on-site this coming Sunday to support Clean Up Australia Day.

The Clean Up will run from 7-10am on Sunday 6th March including a scrumptious morning tea for all volunteers involved.

Come and assist with rubbish removal from this lovely coastal site and take the time to work with other dedicated volunteers as we audit our rubbish collection and sort recyclables. The data collected is then forwarded back to Gold Coast City Council, Gecko and Clean Up Australia to assist in waste management and awareness raising.

Please remember to wear closed toe footwear, sun protective clothing and a hat and bring a water bottle! Come and be part of the change you want to see in the world!

Federation Walk Works Program Update added Thu, Feb 24th, 11

The wet season we have had this year has seen an incredible growth of vegetation -this growth has seen a high incidence of branches potentially impeding pathways along Federation Walk. Due to this growth GCCC has engaged the services of tree contractors to undertake pruning works along the central, top and east-west access pathways at Federation Walk. These works will occur over the next 6 wks so don't be alarmed if you see tree works underway. These works are focussing on maintaining clear pathways and trees that aren't providing any safety hazards will be retained for ecological, structural and habitat values. Brushcutting and spraying of the pathways will then be undertaken so the pathway width is maintained at 2.5 m.

Other works include the replacement of the east-west fence on the northern end of the reserve running parallel to the seawall. This fencing will clearly define the northern boundary of Federation Walk and provide a much needed facelift.

Thanks to the National Green Jobs Program for their fantastic efforts in site maintenance and revegetation works. The team has planted approximetly 1200 stems to date and is foccusing on weed management of previous revegetation sites. The team are also studying to attain their Conservation and Land Management Cert 2. Keep up the good works guys!

For any further information please don't hesistate to contact me via the following.
Jodie Clifford - OR 56673615

New To Friends, Our Leaflet, Brochure Or Flyer added Tue, Feb 15th, 11

NEW to Friends, OUR Leaflet for DISPLAY!

Many have asked for information on the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve, we have got the best people together to showcase an area we as volunteers are most proud of.

Please pass the leaflet to friends and visitors who appreciate a natural meander at The Spit, one of the many diverse areas that the Gold Coast has to offer.

Federation Walk Brochure_Flyer_2010.pdf

Federation Flyer - Summer Newsletter added Fri, Jan 7th, 11

Friends Submission On Gccc Bold Futures Planning Scheme added Sun, Dec 26th, 10

Council is encouraging residents to provide feedback on the Statement of Proposal for the new planning scheme,

As part of the Public Consultation we made our Submission and responded by the extended due date, 24th December 2010 (yes Christmas Eve). It is important that Friends of Federation Walk continue to pursue their Aims and Objectives to "Maintain Federation Walk as a natural Public Open Space for the benefit of the Community" and clear any anomalies in the current Planning Scheme.

Reference is made to the Southern Broadwater Local Area Plan in our Submission: i.e.

As indicated on Council website:
“In 1997 Council, in conjunction with State Government, began work to produce an integrated and coordinated land use and management plan for the Gold Coast Harbour, commonly referred to as the southern Broadwater. In 2002/3 the Gold Coast City Council compiled a Community Committee to "note" Reports of the Gold Coast City Council Harbour Vision 2020”.

Vision 2020 Representatives were from a wide scope of people from various Industry and Community bodies. Councillors from Division 2, Division 4 and Division 6. Eastern Yugambeh Native Claimant , Traditional Resident Kombumerri Elders & Members in the Gold Coast Area , Federal Member for Moncrieff, State Members for Southport, Broadwater, Surfers Paradise and Albert, Property Council of Australia (Gold Coast Division), Urban Design Institute of Australia, Royal Australian Planning Institution, Royal Australian Institute of Architects , Institution of Engineers, Gold Coast Waterways Advisory Council , Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast North Chambers of Commerce, Gold Coast Fishermen's Co-operative Association , Marine Industry Group, Australian Conservation Foundation Gold Coast Tourism Bureau, Gold Coast Catchment Association Inc., CRC for Coastal Management - Griffith University, Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council, Main Beach, Labrador and Paradise Point Progress Associations and Mr Dennis O'Connell as Invitee.
These Meetings started in May 2002, met every 6 weeks through to February 2003.

Extract from recommendations from this Committee and adopted by Council:
2. That the Chief Executive Officer (Director EDMP) prepares a holistic plan that has regard to and builds on the existing planning documents for the subject area, to be named the Southern Broadwater Local Area Plan, ……….etc.

After all this Public Consultation deliberations, the Southern Broadwater Local Area Plan has never been implemented!

We must ensure that our views are taken in good faith and decisions made and adopted by Council as a result of Public Consultation, are documented into the Planning Scheme.

This Southern Broadwater LAP needs to be enacted to ensure Public Consultations are sanctified and is the instrument that should guide development in the Broadwater and The Spit.

Lyn Wright

FoFW Submission Bold Futures Planning Scheme 2010_12_22.pdf

Annual General Meeting 3oth November 2010 added Tue, Nov 9th, 10

NOTICE OF Annual General Meeting

Friends of Federation Walk Incorporated
7.00pm Tuesday 30th November
Executive Room, Southport Surf Life Saving Club
Macarthur Parade, Main Beach

Business to be conducted:
Presenting the financial statement to the meeting for adoption;
Election of Office Bearers.

Susan Wright Secretary (07) 5539 1461
Agenda, Nomination and Membership Forms following.

Membership Payment
Banking details: Suncorp Account
Name: Friends of Federation Walk
BSB: 484 799
Acc: 602300257

AGM Notice - Membership-Nomination forms- November 2010.pdf

Federation Walk Wallpaper added Sun, Jun 20th, 10

Would you like the best wallpaper image for your desktop?

Look no further as we have an image to showcase FEDERATION WALK on the Gold Coast at its restored best...and you can share its beauty with your friends!

Show how much YOU appreciate all the work done to revegetate and maintain THE SPIT.

Free download as a gift from the community of Friends of Federation Walk.

The image was taken at the "Meeting Place" just in from the Philip Park Carpark.


Fuel Vouchers For Volunteers added Mon, Apr 26th, 10

Free Fuel Vouchers:

The vouchers are available to volunteers assisting at not-for-profit organisations.

The N-F-P must serve an educational, social or environmental function.

The offer is from BP, and is worth a total of $250,000.00 Australia wide. Closing date for applications is 2 May 2010.

Guidelines, conditions and a registration form are available from their web site. Click here

Gccc - Federtion Walk Rangers Report added Fri, Feb 19th, 10

A great start to 2010, have a enjoyable walk and see the works being done to improve your experience of the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve.

Lyn Wright

Ranger's Report FoFW Feb 2010.pdf

Agm 2010 Presidents Report added Sun, Feb 14th, 10

On behalf of Friends of Federation Walk a big THANK YOU for all who Volunteered at Federation Walk. It is looking so great thanks to YOU!

ps Rangers Report to come.

Presidents Report 2010.pdf

Annual General Meeting 9 Feburary 2010 added Thu, Jan 21st, 10

We would like to invite you to our 10th Annual General Meeting.

Friends of Federation Walk are the volunteer community group specific to the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve at The Spit.

We welcome all new Members and appreciate all Nominations for our Committee.

Please refer to the attachment for details.
Arnold Wolthers

AGM Notice 2010.pdf

Watering Warriors Needed added Sun, Jan 17th, 10



Water Warriors is being re - established at Federation Walk, The Spit, so our plantings can be watered on a regular basis this will be assisted by a Watering Contractor.

Our comprehensive Water system is connected to the Recycled Water pipeline running parallel with Seaworld Drive, The Spit.

We are looking for Volunteers so there can be maintenance to assist the progress of these areas as much as possible.

Watering will probably occur Wed mornings meeting @ 7.30-8.00am for a few hours.

Volunteers should wear sun protective clothing, covered footwear and bring a water bottle. Gloves, training and support will be provided!

We will provide all items required to make it a very easy couple of hours.

Please Contact:


Jodie Clifford
Federation Walk Ranger
Transport, Drainage and Foreshores
Engineering Services Directorate
Gold Coast City Council
Ph: 5667 3615 Mob: 0439 226 062 Fax: 5667 3776
PO Box 5042 Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9729
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Seasons Greetings 2009 added Tue, Dec 29th, 09

Christmas wishes from Friends of Federation Walk.

Haven’t we at Federation Walk had an exciting year, very successful plantings days, improvements , contractors on site, many School and committed Corporate Volunteers all contributing to ensure Federation Walk is maintained as a natural Public Open Space for the benefit of the community.

This year ten years ago Premier Peter Beattie informed the Main Beach Progress Association (MBPA) of their successful Queensland Centenary of Federation grant of $75,000.00 to create a Master Plan for what was then called part of Philip Park on The Spit. We formed Friends of Federation Walk from the Sub Committee set up by the Association and have carried on their ethos by being pro active in ensuring the Eastern side of The Spit beyond Sheraton Mirage is enshrined as a Reserve for the benefit of the whole Community with no commercial development. In 1982 the naming of Philip Park was the initiative of the MBPA who gained Buckingham Palace approval for use of the name, with Prince Philip requesting the name be “Philip Park”, so in this context it was Friends of Federation Walk who in 2003 pursued the naming of Federation Walk Coastal Reserve through the Gold Coast City Council after the State gazetted the Reserve for Park, Environment, Beach Protection and Coastal Management Purposes.

This Month was the Qld judging of the Clean Beach Challenge with many beaches on the Gold Coast in the running, having won various sections of the GC Regional Awards. Federation Walk won the Gold Coast section for the category of “Partnerships” and is the State joint Winner of the Partnership Award with Palm Cove. Thanks to you all, Federation Walk will be entered into the Partnerships category in the National Clean Beach Challenge. This Award was one of many won by Friends over the past Ten Years.

At our last Planting Day and Ten Year celebration, I thanked all who were present, not specifying anyone as in our own way we have all contributed over the last Ten Years. So due to you all we will continue to maintain Federation Walk as a diverse coastal Reserve to be enjoyed by all.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Green New Year,
Lyn Wright

Invitation - 10 Year Celebration Sunday 29th November added Sun, Nov 15th, 09

We would love you to meet up with all Volunteers who have assisted with ensuring
FEDERATION WALK is maintained as a natural Public Open Space.

Please come along, the Celebration Morning Tea commences after a short interpretive walk through Federation Walk, please view the Invitation.

Lyn Wright

Federation Walk 10yr Celebrations Invitation.pdf

Friends Of Federation Walk Thanked - Seq Natural Resource Management Plan added Fri, Sep 4th, 09

On behalf of the South East Queensland Regional Coordination Group I thank you for your interest and contribution to the South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan. The Plan is now published and can be down loaded from the Department of Environment and Resource Management's web site. Please see attachment for details

Printed hard copies will be available from the Department of Environment and Resource Management's customer service centres after 18 September 2009

If you require further information or have any inquiries please contact me



Natural Resource Officer
Community Partnerships, South East
work 3896 3338
mobile 0421 098 238
Department of Natural Resources & Water
Locked Bag 40
Coorparoo DC Qld 4151

20090820 SEQRCG letter to Participants and Submitters-.pdf

Decimation By Plague Recovering added Thu, Sep 3rd, 09

THE IMPLICATIONS OF A GRASSHOPPER OUTBREAK AMONGST THE TREES ON THE SOUTHPORT SPIT. The grasshopper, which to the best of my ability I have been able to identify as the Red-legged Valanga, scientifically known as Valanga sp. 1, has this season built up into very high numbers, possibly millions, and has eaten out several hectares of trees. This grasshopper species, if my identification is correct, was not recorded south of the Sunshine Coast in “A Guide to Australian Grasshoppers and Locusts” published in 2003 by D.C.F. Rentz, et al. I first became aware of the presence of this species on the Spit in March 2008 while carrying out an invertebrate survey. At that time a few nymphs, but mainly adults were feeding mainly on Acacia sophorae, which I am told was planted for dune stabilization after the area was sand mined. My observations at that time were that the acacia was the predominant feed tree The adult females from the autumn of 2008 had laid large numbers of eggs and by December 2008 there were large numbers of nymphs and a few adults that were eating casuarinas trees adjacent to the main road along the spit. When I visited the site on the 18th and 19th of December approximately 85% of the grasshoppers were still in the nymphal stage. Various egg hatchings had taken place prior to these dates as the young were in several instar stages. At this time most were climbing trees to feed as they were wingless with only a few winged adults present. Nonetheless most of the feeding was done as high in the casuarinas as possible. At this stage of their lifecycle they were still confined to quite a small area—about 1.5 hectares. When I visited the site on the 5th of February 2009 with Jodie Clifford they had spread over and eaten out a large area of the northern end of the spit probably about 8 to 10 hectares. The ground plants had been left alone with only the casuarinas being eaten out extensively. The broadleaf macaranga trees and the thick-leaved banksias appeared to be untouched, but some cottonwood (Hibiscus tilliaceus) showed signs that they had been attacked. At the northern end of the spit adjacent to the seaway where food was becoming harder to find and not liking the across water flight to South Stradbroke they had started to attack macaranga trees but not seriously enough to kill them. The adults fly away from a walking person and for this reason are difficult to control at this stage. The time to attack for control purposes is when the nymphs have just hatched and this would be in the spring or early summer. A very wet autumn could be sufficient to drown the eggs in the ground in most sites, but being a sand spit this is less likely as drainage is very good. The sprays to use for control would be a contact spray to kill when it coated the insects or a stomach spray over the trees to kill the grasshoppers as they fed. As casuarinas are a tough breed of tree and will sustain heavy pruning, I do not think there will be any permanent damage. A monitoring programme should be enacted, at least over the next breeding season, especially if controls are to be put in place, to see how the numbers of grasshoppers increase or decrease. References:- “A Guide To Australian Grasshoppers and Locusts” D.C.F. Rentz; R.C. Lewis; Y.N. Su; M.S.Upton. Natural History Publications(Borneo) 2003 “Grasshopper Country” D.C.F. Rentz Uni of NSW Press Sydney 1996 Doug White.

32 Terrigal Crescent
Southport Qld 4215
Ph (07) 5591 2864 Fax (07) 5591 2894
ABN 61 851 808 573

Casaurina recovering.JPG

Federation Walk At Gold Coast Catchment Association Forum added Fri, Jun 19th, 09

The Gold Coast Catchment Association held a Forum at Griffith University last Sunday, for the launch of their new website. The day aimed to identify other on-ground environmental restoration groups, companies and individuals on the Gold Coast and to network and support each other. FoFW gave a presentation on the past, present and future visions, especially the intense political dramas Friends have experienced over the past 10 years. It was insightful to see the present youth involved with FoFW’s works and gives hope to the project’s Master Plan. Other environmental groups were intrigued of the current youth participation, which encouraged them to market events to the younger community. GCCA website is a “must check out one stop shop”, as it clearly identifies all works been carried out on the Gold Coast, where and when you can participate, and additional resources. Go to, where you can find FoFW.

Federation Walk Newsletter May- June 2009 added Tue, May 19th, 09

Website Update For 2009 added Sat, Apr 25th, 09

Renewal of our site will be updated as time allows, please bear with us.

Queries about Friends of Federation Walk or our project at Federation Walk Coastal Reserve, Seaworld Drive The Spit, may be forwarded to:

Secretary Arnold Wolthers


Federation Walk Ranger
Jodie Clifford
Gold Coast City Council
Ph: 5667 3615 Mob: 0439 226 062 Fax: 5667 3776
PO Box 5042 Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9729

Lyn Wright
25th April 2009

Coasted Achievements On Site 2008 added Wed, Oct 1st, 08

As part of this year's entry in the Clean Beach Challenge, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management has summarised the fantastic input from the CoastEd program at Federation Walk in the past year.

Check out the amazing achievements of local school groups at Federation Walk.

The SpitCoastEd.pdf

Federation Walk Recycled Water Project Stage 2 added Mon, Sep 29th, 08

This fantastic project was funded through the Federal Government Community Water Grants. The project has seen the installation of a further 1km of irrigation line, a new pump, pump pads and a solar powered trickle feed battery charger.

This is Stage 2 of the project will enable the watering of revegetation sites at Federation Walk and use 50,000-250,000 lt of recycled water on site.

For more information please read the attached information sheet.


Community Cabinet 2008 Report added Tue, Feb 19th, 08

As this is the Tenth year since the Main Beach Progress Association applied for Queensland Centenary of Federation Funding the Committee felt we should Report to the State Government on the progress of our project - FEDERATION WALK. Please take the time to read the Report as you have contributed to this achievement.

Report to State Government and Premier Community Cabinet 2008.pdf

Comparison Images 2000 - 2007 added Tue, Dec 11th, 07

From January 2000 - Site preparation for Coastal Fig to mark the start of our project, opposite Sea World and Sea World Nara, burnt out areas and restoration to November 2007.

Comparison images as of 051207.pdf

Some documents may require Adobe Reader to be viewed.

Tue, Apr 14th
Sat, May 17th
Sun, Apr 13th
Fri, Mar 28th
Sat, Mar 8th
Mon, Feb 10th